About me

I was that child who used to collect dog books and begged for a dog. I never got over it. I’m now lucky enough to work with dogs but I’m finding I also love working with people.

I’ve had my own dogs for 25 years and lived with five puppies during that time so I know how it feels to live day to day with a puppy – and worse – an adolescent! I studied dog behaviour and training 13 years ago while working in a very different job. I then spent several years helping in puppy and adult classes to get hands-on experience with numerous dogs and their owners. While my children were very young, in 2012 I started using that experience to work one to one with puppy owners on a small scale, finding clients purely through word of mouth recommendations.  In 2017 I joined Dogs Trust Dog School Edinburgh as their Senior Coach, teaching classes for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs. After a wonderful year and a half, I sadly had to leave due to family commitments, which has led me to starting my own business on a bigger scale. I share my life with two working-bred Labradors who are currently putting their gundog noses to good use learning Scentwork.

One of the most valuable things I have learned from working with a range of people and their dogs is the importance of paying attention to how the dog sees things and helping to interpret this for dog owners. Your human view of a problem behaviour is often your dog’s idea of a perfectly natural dog behaviour. Training is all about motivating your dog to choose the behaviours you like instead of the ones you don’t like. We often want to stop our dogs from doing things, but it’s usually easier to tackle those problems by thinking about what you would like the dog to do instead; I will show you how to teach the alternative behaviours you want.

I’m always updating and developing my knowledge by attending seminars and trying new training with my own dogs. But I know not everyone wants to be a dog geek; maybe you just want to enjoy having a dog as a member of your family. And that’s where my passion really lies; I love helping people to understand their dogs and enjoy them. My experience with my own dogs, as a one to one trainer and class teacher means that I really do understand the family dog.  People often say to me “it’s me who needs trained, not the dog”, and they’re right! I can help you learn how to train your dog by giving you clear, specific training exercises to practice. I know how busy modern life can be so I will also help you understand how to fit training into your day to day life.

I am modern, reward-based trainer, working without punishment or force. I’ll help you to understand how to motivate your dog and how to use rewards effectively in training. I am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (member number 01409), which means I’ve passed their assessment and agree to abide by their code of conduct. The APDT was established in 1995 to “promote training skills that promote the welfare of dogs and improve the competence of owners” and they aim to offer pet dog owners a guarantee of quality when looking for a trainer. Find out more at: apdt.co.uk.