Group Adolescent Classes

Once your puppy hits the adolescent stage at anytime from 18 weeks plus, you may see some dramatic behaviour changes. Suddenly puppy’s confidence is growing and she doesn’t need to stay so close to you for security any longer, so your recall stops working. Or maybe she’s discovering the joy of following scent and is becoming easily distracted. You might even be finding that since your little puppy has grown into a strong young dog, you are realising you have a lead-pulling problem? Adolescent dogs are going through many changes and finding there are lots of exciting things on offer in the world so often their owners become a little less valuable. In a group adolescent class we will revisit and progress some of the things you may have worked on in puppy training, such as coming when called, walking on a loose lead, greeting people politely and having good manners but we will also look at how you can keep building the bond with your young dog through appropriate play, recognise signs of stress and frustration and learn some new, more advanced skills.

I’ll give you specific weekly homework tasks and handouts to remind you of the training exercises. Classes are small with no more than five dogs in each, ensuring that you will have some one to one coaching in the class so that you know exactly what to work on at home.

I’m qualified to teach Scentwork UK Level One so classes can include some basic scentwork.


Introductory one-and-a-half-hour appointment; £45

Individual one-hour training appointments; £35