I love working with puppies! Not just because they are cute but because I really believe that prevention is better (easier!)  than cure when it comes to those ‘problem behaviours’ we sometimes see in adult dogs. I love helping people see some of the amazing things their puppy is capable of learning and teaching them how they can use this to turn their puppy into an adult dog that’s a pleasure to live with. Over the years I have worked with many people and their puppies and learned so much about how every puppy is different, and how none of them conform to what the puppy books say! I can’t say I have seen it all where puppies are concerned, but I don’t see many things that surprise me.

Welcoming a puppy into your life is the beginning of an exciting journey. But puppies are hard work; I’ve had five and usually can’t wait for mine to grow up into dogs! ‘Normal’ behaviours for your puppy like chewing, biting, stealing shoes and picking up every single thing he finds are often ‘problem’ behaviours for us humans. I’ll help you understand why your puppy does those things, show you how to respond and help you to make sure your puppy learns the right things from these experiences so that these don’t develop into problem behaviours later in life.

We’ll also work on those essential skills your puppy needs to learn like coming back when called, greeting politely and walking nicely on the lead without pulling. I’ll help you understand how to live with your puppy 24 hours a day, instead of just giving you a list of training exercises to practice for 20 minutes each day. You’ll learn about the importance of playing with your dog and how to play with your dog. We’ll throw in a few fun tricks to teach your puppy too but mostly I like to focus on those essential skills that your dog needs to have to do what’s expected of dogs in our busy human world.

If this all sounds like what you are looking for, all you have to decide is when and where you want to train! I run weekly group puppy classes (Click here) and also offer tailored, one to one puppy packages (Click here) with training sessions run in your home. You choose what’s best for you!