Puppy Classes

Davidsons Mains, Edinburgh EH4

I run small group classes with no more than five puppies in each; this means you have enough space to practice your training and I can make sure everyone gets some individual coaching. I want to know you have had the chance to learn in the class so you can put training into practice at home. Each week you will have clear, specific homework tasks and notes to take away reminding you of what was covered in the class. I aim to give you realistic training targets so that you can see how you and your puppy are progressing each week.

You know that your puppy needs to meet other dogs and learn how to communicate with them. But do you know how to help your puppy have positive meetings with other dogs and learn good manners? Often the best teachers of ‘dog language’ will be adult dogs rather than other puppies, so your puppy needs to meet adult dogs in the real world. In a group class, your puppy can practice his social skills with other puppies while you learn how to read dog body language so that you can help puppy have great socialisation experiences with every dog you meet together.

Puppies can start training classes as soon as your vet confirms that vaccinations are complete.